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  "How impressed I was by your superb piece< <on my father in Boston Review. Bravo!"        Dmitri Nabokov 


The New York Times Book Review

Elizabeth of York: A Tudor Queen and Her World<

A review of Alison Weir's new biography, Elizabeth of York: A Tudor Queen and Her World, from November 2013.

Maverick Jetpants<

A review of Bill Peters' debut novel, Maverick Jetpants in the City of Qualityfrom December 2012.


A review of Percival Everett's novel Assumption, from December 2011.


Last Monarch Standing.< 

A review of Ken Follett's novel Fall of Giants, from October 2010.

The Abyss of Human Illusion<

A review of Gilbert Sorrentino's last novel, from February 2010.

The Scotsman

Fall of Giants<

A review of Ken Follett's novel Fall of Giants, from October 2010. 

Boston Review

The Last of the Great English Adventurers<

A review of Patrick Leigh Fermor's The Broken Road, from October 2014.

Samuel Beckett: The Early Years<

A review of Beckett's lost novel, Echo's Bones, from July 2014.

The Big Dig<

A review of Steven Moore's encyclopedic survey of the novel, The Novel: An Alternative History, from March/April 2014.


The fiction of the Swiss writer and ex-accountant Peter Stamm, from July/August 2013.

A March to the Grave<

An essay on the life and work of Joseph Roth, from November/December 2012.

Back in Time: Julian Barnes Remembers<

An essay on the work of Julian Barnes, with a review of his Man Booker Prize-winning novel The Sense of an Ending, from March/April 2012.

Priest, Gangster, Drinker, Gent.< < 

A report from Vienna on a literary conference held there in honor of the 100th anniversary of Flann O'Brien's birth, from September/October 2011.

The Jewish Jane Austen<

An essay on Howard Jacobson, with a review of his novels The Finkler Question and Kalooki Nights, from May/June 2011.

Suppose You're an Idiot<

An essay on Mark Twain, with a review of his autobiography, from November/December 2010.

Man of Principle.< <

An essay on Arthur Koestler, with a review of Michael Scammell's biography, from May/June 2010.

Desperately Seeking Sam<

A remembrance of Samuel Beckett, from November/December 2009.

Fateful Gates<

An essay on the amazing life of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, from March/April 2009.

Intimate Revenge<.< 

<An essay on the perilous peace in Northern Ireland, from September/October 2008.

We Laughed, We Cried<. 

An essay on the life and work of Flann O'Brien, from July/August 2008.

The Monarch of All<

An essay on the fantasy world of John Cowper Powys, from March/April, 2008.

Nabokov's Gift.< 

An essay on the happy genius of Vladimir Nabokov, from July/August 2007.

The Quiet Man<.< 

An essay on the life and work of the Irish novelist John McGahern, from January/February 2007.

The Economist

<The Luck of the Irish<. 

Flann O'Brien's melancholy life. From October 2011.

Mark Twain, Midwestern Cosmopolitan<. 

The restless, romantic soul of Huck Finn's creator. From February 2011.

Solzhenitsyn, Nabokov, and The Lunch That Wasn't<. 

The near-miss of two Russian literary giants one day in Montreux, Switzerland. From January 2009.


Reading Aidan Higgins<. 

An appreciation of the eccentric and brilliant Irish author, from 2007.

The Dabbler

Mark Twain Unexpurgated<. 

Another look at Clemens's autobiography.


A Voyage Around My Car.< 

A Jaguar of my own.  

Boylan's Dream Garage.< 

The cars I'd own if I could.  

A Moment of Ostalgie.< 

Automotive ghosts of East Germany.

Memory Lanes: The Autostrada del Sole<. 

Italy's north-south superhighway.         

Dmitri Nabokov, Car Guy<.  

The many cars in the life of Vladimir's son.    



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San Marcos Mercury< 2013

Irish Echo< 2013

The First 750< 2013

The Lindsay Show< 2013

Authortrek< 2006

Dalkey Archive Press< 1997

Austin Chronicle<, 1997