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I am an American writer< with family roots in Ireland and the New York area. My novels include Killoyle, The Great Pint-Pulling Olympiad<, and The Adorations. As a critic and essayist, I have been a regular contributor to Boston Review and The New York Times Book Review for many years, and my articles and reviews have appeared in numerous other well-known publications, including The Economist, Contextand The ScotsmanI am on the faculty of Western Connecticut State University in Danbury, Connecticut, as a lecturer in creative writing; I maintain an irregular blog at The Snug, and automobile-related miscellany of mine occasionally shows up on the online automotive journal AutosavantI currently live with my wife in San Marcos, a college town in the Texas Hill Country.

On this website, you can find descriptions and reviews of my books in EnglishGerman, and Italian; some of my essays and reviews; excerpts from my novels; interviews; and sundry miscellany, such as a page of quotations and tales of rejection I find encouraging. 

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"Raise a glass to this Laurence Sterne of our day."                                     Ultimo Magazine (Germany)


Read my memoir Run Like Blazes, available as a Kindle e-book. (The cover is Kazimir Malevich's "Running Man," 1932.)


"Comparisons to James Joyce will come inevitably."                                       The Minnesota Daily         


 "Roger Boylan works wonders."                                                                            La Repubblica (Italy)

In the once-traditional fashion of writers, I traveled widely when young, and lived in several countries, including Switzerland, Greece, France, Ireland, Italy, and the UK, and traveled to many more, not excluding Tunisia, Russia, Hungary, and Spain. Along the way I acquired an education and varied experience of life, working at different jobs (again, respecting tradition): translator, bartender, dishwasher, bookstore clerk, urban planning technician, driver, computer network administrator, editor, teacher, and even freelance writer. I now eke out an existence writing and editing and driving a . Yet I still aspire to hit the big time before it's too late. 

      Citroën 2CV, sunflowers, and RB, near Bergerac, France.   


Left, above: Cover of first German edition of Killoyle, Rogner & Bernhard Verlag, Hamburg, 1999; right, first Italian edition, Nutrimenti Edizioni, Rome, 2013.